We are all about stability and security

With over 10 million in investment our main data center has the optimal environment for server operations. We own and operate the data center which means that no third parties can affect operations in any way. We also use other data centers around the world for local access. Below we list some points that we think may be useful for our customers to know.

Redundant internet connections

No fewer than three different Internet service providers deliver bandwidth to our datacenter. They are connected in a redundant manner to the nodes with different geographic location. Suppliers’s fiber cables come to our facilities by different routes to ensure that for example an excavator digging, cannot reach all the leads at one point. Since we are our own operator with the so-called AS numbers and BGP peer with our three operators, we ensure that even a problem with two of the operators won’t affect the operation of your service. You have the fastest possible Internet access and have access to several gigabits per second as a guarantee.

Power supply

In addition to UPS systems that immediately takes over when the power fails, we have diesel generators if the outage is longer than what a UPS i designed for. Through agreements with suppliers of gas, we can manage our server room on diesel as long as it is needed. Obviously, the diesel generator is designed to support not only servers but also peripheral systems such as cooling systems. No matter how long the power failure is, your services always work properly.

Data center environment

The data center is located in a converted bank vault. This means that it is below ground, has almost two feet thick walls and ceilings, and is designed to disable unauthorized access. We have security doors with a number of intrusion prevention and strict rules for how our employees have access to the data center. Anyone with access has a card and code and all activity is logged and stored. It is equipped with numerous surveillance cameras that continuously store the movements and other events in our premises. In addition, we use a security company that patrols the premises for an additional layer of security.

The climate is regulated continuously to ensure optimum performance and lifetime of each server. Of course, there are alarm systems that monitor everything from humidity to temperature of a large number of data points in the hall. Our so-called “HVAC system (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) is N +1 redundant.

Routers and peripherals

Only fully redundant router system and equipment are used. With Gigabit network and routers that at least keep this speed, you will never have any bottlenecks.


We care about our Environment. Therefore we only run with electricity from wind power, we have also invested several million to be the most effective with the resources we have. Among others, we use the so-called free cooling, which means that during winter months we use the natural cold from outside on a better way than others.


Last but not least is the extremely specialized staff which always manages and cares for your servers. This is of course a primary condition to give you the best possible service and care all the time, for the service you buy from us at City Sites.