Reseller, Earn Money

Take the opportunity to earn good money with us. Through our reseller program, you get your own web hosting and can start selling web packages while you get discounted prices. Everyone can be a retailer.

Let us handle the costly investment of data center management and everything that comes with this. Of course we take care of servicing and maintenance of all data center equipment and servers around the clock while you manage your customers peacefully.

We offer your customers extremely high quality and safety in our data center with redundancy for all from the internet cables, cooling, and power to the very competent staff. With us, your customers are always up and if you need help we are here 24 hours, all days of the year.


This is how it works:

1. The first time you place an order, you specify that you want be a reseller in our comment box on the last page of our order form. Then you get a status of reseller. Of course you can be a reseller if you are already a client of ours. As an existing customer you just send your interest to so we put a reseller status on you.

2. All orders made ​​by you as a reseller and web package is placed directly under your customer number.
(Always give the same Corporate ID or social security numbers as a reseller for each order)

3. An invoice is sent to the reseller and you send it forward to the customer.

4. If you have a problem as a reseller with your client, contact us for help.

5.  After ordering, you will immediately receive a welcome letter with all the credentials you need to get started with your customer’s e-mail and website.

Our reseller discounts are as follows:

1.      For the first 10 packages, you pay full price. When you received the 11th package you get 50% discount as of your sixth package. You pay only the full price for your first 5 packages as a reseller. The discount is valid as long as the customer stays with City Network Hosting AB and the package is under your customer number as a reseller.

2.    The discount applies to both the design fee (295 – incl. VAT), and monthly fee of 74 – incl. VAT. (No discount on domain registrations)

3. In addition to web hosting packages so you get  as a registered reseller also a 10% discount on our server services such as dedicated server and co-location.