Other Services

Discover some of our other services.

City Network is a European provider of robust, global open IT infrastructure services across the spectrum. We provide scaleable and cost-effective IT infrastructure services delivered from data centers around the world and linked through dedicated connections. City Sites is our brand for web hosting, domain names and e-mail services.


Dedicated servers

Renting a dedicated server means focusing on your core business instead of worrying about hardware and peripherals. We own the servers and have full responsibility for uptime, hardware, cooling and power to make sure that your servers are always online.


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OpenStack-based IaaS

With our IaaS platform, City Cloud, you get instant access to your data and full control of where and how your data is stored. City Cloud is true Infrastructure as a Service based on OpenStack and available in multiple data centers around the world – all from your browser. Creating and moving servers, storage pools and other services is as easy as 1-2-3.


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Regulatory compliant IaaS

For industries operating under specific regulations we offer City Cloud as a fully Compliant service. Our Managed Services span across all our operations and allows you to build Public, Private and Hybrid cloud solutions.


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Dedicated networks

By utilising the extreme capacity and filtering options in our data centers around the globe we can offer a whole new set of security services to protect core office networks and private data centres. Benefits include fast and secure access to data in City Cloud and City Network data centres all around the world as well as fast Internet access through the same connection.

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Managed hosting

Managed hosting is a service where we step in and take charge of all maintenance of your servers. It allows you to focus on what you do best and sleep better at night knowing your machine is patched and constantly monitored for weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

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Please contact our sales department at sales@citynetworkhosting.com for more details.