Move to us

Moving your shared hosting service to City Network is really easy if you just follow our guide. There a few things that are important to know and look out for, let’s begin!

In short

  • Check your current subscripton with your provider
  • Order a shared hosting package on our web page
  • Prepare your account
  • Prepare your e-mail service
  • Transfer or point your domain
  • Cancel your account at your previous provider

Your current subscription

Before you sign up for a shared hosting package with us you should check your current subscription with your current provider. Hopefully, there are no problems to terminate your account. At City Network, we have long since put an end to period of notice, all in order to make things easier for customers that don´t want to use our service. Hopefully your current provider has followed our example.


Order your shared hosting package

Order one of the best shared hosting packages in Europe at Your account is immediately activated and you will get an e-mail with your login details to our control panel. My City and FTP.


Prepare your account

In My City, you automatically get access to a preview-address where you can test your page “live” before you point or move your domain to us. You can upload your web page through your FTP-account and check that everything works as intended before you actually redirect, point or move your domain.


Prepare your e-mail service

In My City, you can also activate e-mail for your domains. After that, it’s just a matter of adding the e-mail addresses that you want to use. You can reach your e-mail through our web mail service at or through popular e-mail clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird.


Transfer/redirect your domain

After you have copied your web page and activated e-mail, it’s time to move or redirect your domain to us.


Terminate your account with your previous provider

When everything is done and your page is up and running, you can terminate your previous account.
Don’t hesitate to contact our support personnel if you have any questions or need help. Our contact details can be found on our support pages.