City Sites moves in with Loopia



Today, we have some exciting news for you as a customer and user of our domain, email and web hosting services. From today, City Sites is part of Loopia – the leading domain and web hosting provider in the Nordics!

As a user of our domain-, e-mail and web hosting services you can take it easy – absolutely nothing will happen at this point and all of your City Sites services will continue to run smoothly.


These are the news

Today we announced that Loopia acquires City Network’s business area for domain services and shared web hosting – City Sites. The acquisition takes effect today and means that Loopia will gradually move City Sites services to their own platform.


What happens now?

Your domain services, e-mail accounts, shared web hosting services and support continues to work just like before without you having to do anything. The task of preparing the the move has already started. Loopia will be in touch with you via email to share more information. Until then, you can reach our support department just as usual.


Why is this happening?

City Network is a global provider of IT infrastructure services. In recent years, we have had a strong growth in our cloud and security solutions through our service City Cloud. We are now choosing to focus all our attention into these areas. Loopia, who has been operating shared web hosting services at large scale since 1999 is the perfect partner to help our shared web hosting users on their continued internet journey.

Both us and Loopia are determined to make this transition as frictionless and easy as possible for you as a customer. Therefore, we have prepared some answers to common questions below. If you have any further questions you can get in touch with us as usual through our support pages.


Common questions

What does this mean for me as a City Sites customer?

You will keep all the City Cloud services that you are subscribed to (domain services, email services and shared web hosting services) and don’t have to do anything. Your account will be transferred to Loopia. Loopia will contact you with more details about the transfer.


I’m using both City Sites and City Cloud services – What does this mean for me?

Loopias aquisition of City Cites and the domain management-, e-mail- and shared web hosting services, does not affect City Cloud. Your City Cloud subscription continues as usual. Your City Sites account and services will be transferred to Loopia. Loopia will contact you with more details about the transfer.


Who is Loopia?

Loopia was founded in 1999 and is the leading provider of domain and web hosting in the Nordics today.


When will my services be moved to Loopia?

By the end of the year, Loopia will begin to gradually move your services at City Sites (domains, email accounts and websites) to Loopia’s platform.


How do I move my services to Loopia?

Your services at City Sites will automatically be moved to Loopia’s platform. Loopia will inform you when each service is being moved to Loopia. If you need to do something with your services before the move is performed, Loopia will provide you information about it by email.


How does the move affect my services?

Your services will continue to work as before. When the move is completed, you will manage your services through Loopia Customer zone.


How is the price of my services affected?

Current contract period will continue to apply even after your move to Loopia. Loopia will match the services you have today with a suitable package at Loopia. If you prefer another package than Loopia’s suggestion, you can change package yourself when the move is completed. You will receive more detailed information about your package and price from Loopia by email before the move.


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