Change DNS servers

You can choose to change DNS servers yourself or you can ask us to help you. If you are about to move your website and other services to us – make sure you prepare your account before you change the name servers. You should not delete any of your current providers name servers before your domain is fully setup with us. A change of name servers can take between 24 to 48 hours to fully propagate the Internet but is in most cases much faster. During this time some traffic goes  to the previous supplier, and some traffic to the new provider. Below is the data you need to enter for DNS servers.



For redelegation of your domain to us at City Network please use the following name servers (DNS):

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Third DNS:
DNS for accounts created before 2010-11-30:

For customers account created before 2010-11-30 use the following name servers (DNS):

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

General top domains

For most top domains, we recommend that you use our control panel to manage your domain. This applies to domains such as .com, .org, .info and more. An exact description of how you do this can be found on our knowledge database.

A transfer of the domain name may take some time, that is why we often recommend a first redelegation to our name servers. For redelegation of generic domains such as .com and other top domains, you initate this with your current registrar. You need to log in to this provider and change to our name servers for the current domain. If If you would like us to help you, we need access to the login details for your domain name. Of course you can also wait to let the transfer go through.

Redelegation of .se domain

We recommend that you always redelegate your domains through our domain manager. To make it possible you should first transfer your domain to us and therefore choose us as registrar. This is not complicated, but a relatively simple process which is as follows::

  1. Contact your current registrar and ask for an authorization code for the Domain Name.
  2. Go to   choose City Network as .SE registrar
  3. Fill out the form and accept the agreements by clicking in both boxes. Then press the “Move”.
  4. When redelegation is done you will get a message from us through e-mail with login details to your domains.
  5. Log in to the domain manager and change to our DNS as you see it on the upper side of the page.

If you need help with redelegation of your domains, please contact our City Network Support at or call us : 0455 – 69 00 01.

Welcome as a customer at City Network.