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Important information about the closing down of our generation 1 web hosting environment

This information has been sent out via e-mail (2015-04-27, 2015-06-07 and 2015-08-06) to all customers who´s web pages and other services are still located and managed through our generation 1 web hosting platform.

2012 – Thank you for a great year!

Lots has happened in the world during 2012. Not all has been good. Especially in Europe where we have seen all kinds of financial difficulties. However things seem to go in the right direction and other parts of the world staying strong – makes us believe in a great 2013. For us at City Network […]

Great new functionality in our control panel!

This week we have been hard at work making big updates to our control panel for our shared hosting environments. In addition to making sure a number of bugs were removed we have listened to our customers and we are now activating a number of new functions as well. Other good news is that you […]

Control panel overview – part 2

As we mentioned earlier , we would like to present you a second part of our control panel overview. We will show you each section in details and describe how you can use all the features located there.

Control panel overview – First part

Before you select the right hosting provvider for your services, you want to make sure that the control panel is user friendly and easy to manage. We get quite a lot of questions from our customers that would like to know how our control panel looks like and if it is easy to manage your […]

August update of our control panel

It´s time for our monthly update of the control panel. We start at 08:00 tomorrow, wednesday and the update is estimated to take 3-4 hours. During this time you will not be able to log in to the control panel or use our order page.