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What to consider when choosing a secure password

Creating strong passwords for all your online accounts and remembering them is quite the challenge. The most simple definition of a good password is that it should be difficult to guess by both computers and humans alike. This is as good a definition as any but it doesn’t give away the recipe. In this article we […]

Summer checklist and opening hours

With summer at our doorstep our support team put together a simple checklist for all our customers to have a look at before leaving for the summer holidays. This simple list is a reminder to keep your passwords and CMS updated and to setup an auto-reply in our control panel.

Say hello to the new look, brand and company structure of City Network!

Today we are launching City Network with a new look and with a brand new logo. Our main goal is to further improve the clarity between our different services. City Network ( is our company name and this is our company page. It shows all the different services we offer. City Cloud ( is our […]

Negative SEO – Reality or Myth?

During the summer we have invited Philip Blomsterberg, search engine optimizer and owner of the newly started company Intripid SEO, as guest blogger. Philip has more than 20 years of experience in various online projects, such as e-commerce, affiliate marketing, development of software and obviously – SEO. He has his own SEO blog and also […]

How to use the Robots.txt file

This summer we have invited Philip Blomsterberg, SEO professional and owner of Intripid SEO as a guest blogger. Philip has more than 20 years of experience from different project such as e-commerce, affiliate marketing, development and of course SEO.  He has also had a number of expert roles at networks such as Majestic, ahrefs and SEO Hacker […]

We are looking for a new sysadmin to our headquarters in Karlskrona

We are looking for a sysadmin to our head quarters in Karlskrona. A City Network Sysadmin is part of a team that is responsible for the well being of our large customers and their systems as well as our internal services. Tasks may range from simple load balancing and server setups to more advanced assignments […]

City Network is now certified for ISO 27001

Information security is commonly one of the main concerns in IT today. Leaving guarantees and trusting vendors is not an easy task but some of them do everything in their power to ensure that your data is safe. City Network is one of few infrastructure providers who can claim to have taken extra steps to […]

In order to focus on high quality we are making some changes

We have always strived to bring products and services of the highest quality to our customers. Last year we decided to start working with quality in a structured way and took our first steps towards becoming ISO 9001 certified. In November last year we got our certification of approval which assures that all aspects of our […]

We are launching a department for Enterprise Services

Daniel Gustafsson is one of our new co-workers here at City. In his new role as Head of Enterprise services his mission will be to build and establish a Enterprise department which takes responsibility for all our large customers and their services as well as bringing new products and services to the market. He has […]

The new Quality Manager at City Network

Tony Hallén has been employed at City Network, as manager of Quality and Human Resources. In this dual role he will ensure that City Network continues to be a prosperous and well-functioning business, while simultaneously undergoing strong expansion. In charge of the company’s quality management in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard he will work […]