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New apps in our One-Click installer

Today we are adding a couple of new tools to our one-click installer. These are all Open Source and available straight away in our control panel for all our customers. We are continiously improving our offer and we would really appreciate your help in deciding which tools to add next.

Storage and backup for photographers

In my spare time I call myself (like many of us who own a half descent DSLR) a hobby photographer. My biggest problem is the same as for everyone, the fear of loosing all my fantastic artwork and the pictures of my child. Now, there are several storage services out there for different types of […]

Refresh your PC in Wndows 8

Windows 8 has a new feature that includes one-click option to reset your PC without having to clean it up. You won’t have to search for installed programms and applications that are slowing down your computer.

Top 5 free Android Applications

Some time ago we have changed a Mobile Carrier at our office and moved to another one. This decision was a big one since we have been with the previous one for a long time, but this had to happen. Some of us working at City Network got new phones and I was one of […]