About the .com domain

If you are interested to grow online in multiple markets (internationally) the .com domain is extremely important. Before starting an international set up, there should be a .com domain available that matches the intended company name or service.

Many choose to register more domains, and then pointing them to the same web page to increase the number of access and traffic to the website. As usual, you can at extremely low prices register your .com domain here with us at City Network for prices below most of our competitors. You will of course get access to our control panel, where you can easily put all of your domains and thus get an easy management.

.com domain history

. com (which stands for Commercial was one of the first TLDs that was created and is still today the most widespread in the world. The other ones are  .edu, .gov, .mil, .net and .org and came as early as 1985. Initially, the U.S. armed forces provided and administered .com domain.

In january 1993 the responsibility for .com domains went to National Science Foundation (NSF) and it was no longer used for military purposes. NSF subcontracted the job of more well-known Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) and in 1995 took also responsibility for .net and .org domains. In the beginning it costed as much as 50 USD of which 35 USD went into NSI’s pocket.

In 1997, USAs Treasury Department took over responsibility for .com domains and contracted VeriSign, that has bought NSI to manage the responsibility. VeriSign reported that in the middle of 2008, there were 77 million .com domains, compared to .se domains which have not reached a million in late 2008 despite of strong growth in last few years.